The local scene in Venice  and Santa Monica, CA is very active – with numerous events, including festivals, art openings, live music, restaurant openings. Janet Gervers is a Writer/Blogger that serves up the scoop on the local scene with her two blogs: My Venice Life and Abbot Kinney First Fridays.

She started Abbot Kinney First Fridays, in 2008 when the First Fridays of the Month event launched in Venice to a handful of people.  Being a Venice local that wanted to help spread the word, she created the blog  and out the 1st Fridays event on the map!  It has a steady following, with thousands coming to the event each month,  that read the blog to get the scoop on it and Abbot Kinney Boulevard.

My Venice Life , started in 2014, is the sister blog  that  covers the Venice and Santa Monica local scene. Articles range from topics like the annual  Venice Art Walk at Google to “Mainopoly” A Taste of Main Street, a first time event in 2014, to local nightlife with an emphasis on live music, local restaurant openings such as Locali Venice, Manchego on main and art openings. The blog gives a local spin and most often is seen before it’s published in print and  other local blogs.

There is also exclusive content on both blogs.

See both blogs:
My Venice Life
Abbot Kinney First Fridays