Shimmer painting-Janet Gervers-2018Abstract Waves Painting Series from Janet Gervers

The  Wave Series of abstract paintings have kept going and are still in production!

Blue Shimmer is featured at the top here, an acrylic on medium sized canvas, that brings my paintings closer to full fruition. I started with some seriously miniature paintings a few years ago, 3×5 in on the average and gradually brought my paintings  up in size.

It’s always fun to work on the smaller ones and I fell like it’s a must to do something with my leftover paint, so that’s how Shimmer, happened (on left).


Iconic Painting on Wood

2Hearts-Janet GerversWorking with some more iconic subjects, 2Hearts (on right) is another new medium sized painting on wood. My paintings are typically on canvas and some on smaller gesso boards and this one is the first larger scale painting on wood.

 About My Painting Method

In case you’re interested in how it’s done, it’s a combination of larger brushes and a big palette knife, where paint can be loaded up on it. It’s very spontaneous and in the moment.



A Glimpse Into the Artist’s Studio aka Art Currently in Production

It’s rare that I will show art currently in production on my website, and this is an instance where you get a preview of my art before it’s done. This acrylic on canvas is 30 x 40 in so it’s the biggest painting yet in recent history. A finished piece will be posted when it’s complete.

Summer Sunset-Janet Gervers 2018






Contact me if you’re interested in viewing these paintings or showing them in your space.