As an Artist, Art Collector and Art Curator it’s important to me that art is accessible to people at all levels of income. I chose the Fine Art America quality platform to showcase my art and make it available to all, whether it’s fine art prints, home decor such as pillows, accessories and original works of art.

fine-art-tote-bag-angel-of-venice-janet-gerversArt in one’s home makes it a unique space and adds character. I love buying art from local artists and viewing it on my walls or in the case of ceramics and  sculpture on a table or shelf. Everyone deserves to beautify their space in a unique way – and art is the best method for that in my opinion.

How about a pillow on your sofa that has a painting, preferably one of mine? Once the original is sold, there is still a way for art buyers to enjoy it for their home or as a gift.


On the Fine Art America website, you will find  a very select grouping of my photographs and paintings that are ready for purchase and enjoyment in your space!

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