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Featured Paintings by Janet Gervers

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See the Light-Janet Gervers-2023 Gold Series Painting

Gold Series:  See the Light

“See the Light”  is a new painting and the first from the Gold Series.

Gold has  so many meanings to it. In this series, the focus is on the warmth, the positive energy that is uplifting and washing negativity away from life.

The painting features heavenly gold tones from creamy soft gold to bold, metallic gold strokes of paint with a reflective sheen.

“See the Light” will literally light up any room with golden tones that shimmer and change with the lighting throughout the day.


Acrylic on Canvas
36×36 inches

Golden-Energy-Janet-Gervers-2023-Gold Series

Gold Series: Golden Energy

Janet’s newest painting, “Golden Energy” is the second painting in her new Gold Series.

Gold metallic paint waves accentuateed with pearlized white dance around the canvas, moving energy around.



Acrylic on Canvas
40×30 inches

 It's not All Black & White  #1, Janet Gervers,2021 Acrylic on Canvas

Series: It’s Not All Black & White

Janet’s  abstract paintings  from the series of four,  “It’s not All Black & White” feature bold, energetic swaths of black, white and grey textured acrylic.

The paintings were created in 2021 at a time when people were thinking and acting in extremes and forgetting about all the shades of grey that surround and encompass multiple issues in life, represnted in this series.

Exhibited at BG Gallery in Bergamot Station in 2023.

Coming Sooon: All 4 Art Works in the series.


Acrylic on canvas
12×12 inches


Firedance-Janet Gervers-2022-18x20in


“Firedance” was featured in an exhibit, “The Art of Wellness” at Lark Gallery in  in West Hollywood, CA in May of 2023.

Janet’s take on wellness is that art has the ability to uplift the mind and soul.

Brilliant hues of orange, blue, purple and yellow are sure to uplift your spirits and environment. Painted in 2022.


Acrylic on canvas
18×20 inches


Into the Void-Janet Gervers 2021

Into the Void

This  gem of  warm purple tones delights your eyes with swirling  movement.  A small painting with big impact will brighten up a nook in your home and add interest to white walls.

“Into the Void” was exhibited at BG Gallery in Bergamot Station in 2021.


Acrylic on canvas
12×12 inches


Sun Waves-Janet Gervers-2017

Sun Waves

A brilliant burst of red, gold and orange like the intensity of the Southern California sun  demands your attention.

Tiny glass beads evoke a sand-like surface,  reminiscent of the sandy beaches in Venice and Santa Monica. Flourishes of  with a glossy surface underthe glass beads add reflection and drama to this gem.

Painted in 2017.


Acrylic on canvas
10×10 inches


Janet Gervers

Infinite Waves

Soothing waves of healing energy and peace are inspired by the ocean.  Walking on the beach in  Santa Monica, AC or splashing around in the water brings about refreshment for the mind, soul and body. Painted in 2020.


Acrylic on canvas
40×30 inches


Shimmer Waves by Janet Gervers, Southern, CA Artist

Shimmering Waves

Uplifting waves of healing energy are inspired by the ocean.

Janet  Gervers is a Southern California artist inspired by the ocean waves that are a positive force of energy.

Brilliant hues of  shimmering blues, aqua and pearlized white are sure to uplift your spirits and environment. Painted in 2018.


Acrylic on canvas
28×22 inches


Blue Splash-Janet Gervers, Abstract Artist, Acrylic on Canvas, 2017

Blue Splash

Living by the ocean in both Venice and Santa Monica, CA has had an enormous impact and influence on the art created by Janet Gervers.

The waves flow fast and are the source of energy and inspiration. While they  can flow fast, there is also an inherent danger and mystery, evoked in this painting. Painted in 2017.


Acrylic on canvas
30×20 inches


Blue Shimmer painting-Janet Gervers-2018

Blue Shimmer

Spontaneous abstractions of ocean waves flow with dramatic and energetic brush strokes with flourishes of pearlized color that bring this painting to life.

It heightens the mood in any environment, whether it’s  home, office or event space.

Painted in 2018.


Acrylic on canvas
11.75×15.75 inches